Frequently Asked Questions

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How much trading capital do I need to trade your stock picks? +

We recommend an account size of  at least $25,000 to trade our stock picks due to the frequency of trades and related commission costs that will be generated.

How often are new stock pick trade alerts sent? +

The frequency of trade alerts depends on market conditions as well as the actions of an existing position.  We don’t hold more than 1 position so there won’t be any new stock pick alerts until a  position is closed.

How long are positions typically held? +

The length of time a trade is held depends on market conditions but on average a position is held for 1-3 trading days.

What type of stocks are included in stock picks? +

We issue alerts for exchange traded US stocks and ETFs between the price of $10 and $50 per share. The stocks or ETFs must have higher than  average trading volume as well to ensure liquidity.

How will I receive my new stock pick alerts? +

Alerts are sent via email and are also available in the member area on our website.

What type of support do you provide? +

StockTrax is not a financial adviser so support is limited to questions related specifically to the StockTrax alerts and stock pick strategy.

Will I get trade alerts for both Long and Short trades? +

Yes, StockTrax alerts include both Long and Short stock pick recommendations.

Do I need a margin account to trade your stock picks? +

No, you do not need a margin account and we do not recommend leveraging in this manner.

Can I lose money running trading your stock picks? +

Our stock pick strategy, as well as all other trading strategies, experience losing trades. However, our historical performance shows that in the long run our stock picks win more than they lose.

Does StockTrax offer a money back guarantee? +

Yes, we offer a prorated money back guarantee for 6 and 12 month subscriptions You may cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

How do I cancel my StockTrax subscription? +

To cancel your subscription simply send us a support ticket and we will cancel your subscription immediately.  Note: You will still receive alerts for the period that was last paid.

How do I join StockTrax to promote as an affiliate? +

Sorry, we don't have an affiliate program at this time but we do engage in cross-marketing promotions from time to time.