How We Beat the Market Consistently For Our Subscribers

In order to beat the market consistently for our subscribers we have implemented a sound trading strategy that can stand up to all of the various changing market conditions. StockTrax's 8-step trading strategy is a proven approach to stock market profits.

  1. We trade our stock picks based on end-of-day price day trading.
  2. We trade 1 position at a juggling of multiple positions.
  3. We only look for swing trades that last 1-3 long-term positions.
  4. We only trade US stocks/ETFs priced between $10 and $50....No penny stock trading here.
  5. We trade both LONG and SHORT to maximize profit opportunities in any market condition.
  6. We only trade stocks that have relatively high trade insure liquidity.
  7. We only trade based on price patterns….that means no trading on news.
  8. All trades must have a positive risk-reward ratio.


Stock pick alerts are sent via email after the market close.  Each email alert will include:

  • A new stock trade for the next trading day
  • The stock’s entry trigger price
  • The stock’s profit target price
  • The exact price to exit the stock with a loss
  • Performance updates on existing stock positions members also get access to handy features in the members only area like:

  • Real-time performance reports
  • Helpful trading tools such as trading calculators, charting tools, and trade simulators
  • Help guides that assist you in trading at a higher level
  • Access to priority member support

Proven trading performance, step-by-step guidance and ongoing support…..StockTrax has you covered.